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      ESG Home Page

      Corporate Mission

      The Bank fulfills its corporate mission of “create value for customers, seek happiness for employees, make profit for shareholders and perform responsibility for society”, and promotes sustainable development layout from a strategic perspective, improves sustainable development mechanisms from a governance perspective, and implements sustainable development arrangements from an execution perspective, fully supports the comprehensive green and low-carbon transformation of the economy and society, and jointly practices the concept of green development with stakeholders.

      Create Value for Customers

      Seek Happiness for Employees

      Make Profit for Shareholders

      Perform Responsibility for Society

      Identification of Stakeholders and Key Topics


      • Compliance with state laws and regulations as well as industrial standards and norms
      • Safeguarding safety of bank funds
      • Fair competition according to law, and safeguarding a fair competition environment
      • Sustainable development


      • Standard corporate governance
      • Higher return to shareholders
      • Higher profitability


      • Provision of high-quality financial services
      • Provision of high-quality financial products
      • Provision of complete, truthful and accurate product and service information
      • Safeguarding information safety


      • Compliance with commercial ethics
      • Open, equitable and fair procurement
      • Mutual benefit, win-win and common development


      • Creation of jobs
      • Reasonable remuneration and welfare
      • Satisfactory work environment
      • Smooth communication mechanisms
      • Admirable room for personal career development


      • Care for vulnerable groups
      • Communication on assistance
      • Charity and public benefit activities
      • Promote financial literacy

      Distribution of Importance of Major Topics on Sustainable Development of the Bank

      ESG Key Performance Indicators


      • China CITIC Bank, Honored as “Partnership for Early Awareness of Sustainability-Disclosure Today” (P4EAST) by ISSB!
      • China CITIC Bank was selected as one of the "Best Practice Cases of Boards of Directors of Listed Companies in 2023" by China Association for Public Companies
      • China CITIC Bank ranks 10th among the List of “China Top 30 ESG Listed Companies in Financial Industry”!
      • CITIC Carbon Account won the 2023 Banking ESG Annual Green Finance Model Award
      • CITIC Bank was granted the "ESG New Benchmark Enterprise Award" by Stock Star
      • CITIC Bank was recognized as an "Outstanding ESG Practice Case of Public Companies" by the China Association for Public Companies
      • CITIC Bank received the "Most Socially Responsible Bank of the Year" award by Stock Star
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      *The English version were translated based on the Simplified Chinese version. In case of any discrepancies among the versions, the Simplified Chinese version shall prevail.